Apr 102012

Start of an era of football sucess that would in in 75 Gormanston St Finians  3-9 to 8 points

Lost to Chriost Ri 22 of March in Thurles

  One Response to “March 6 Gormanston seniors win Leinster FinalL”

  1. yes…do you remember there was a big row in the streets of Thurles afterwards. Someone (not Gormo people) threw stones at us and Joe Freely got his head split. Then we got to the railway station and the two sets of supporters were channeled onto the separate platforms by the priests…only to discover we were on the wrong platforms. We were on the “down platform” and Chriost Ri were on the “up platform”. We and the opposing supporters then had to transfer via the footbridge. It was a bit of a mess. Headline in the Evening Herald that evening was “Schoolboys riot after GAA match”. I had some explaining to my parents to show we were very civilized and that it was them wild men from Cork who were to blame!

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