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x indicates people who have been contacted by e-mail, # means they are coming. If you are in contact with any of the lads from our year will you check they know.

19.00 meet in the bar at Wynns Hotel  Dublin to eat at 19.30

4 course menu choice of: Soup, Melon, Goats cheese salad for starter. Roast rib of beef, Supreme of chicken,  Poached salmon or Tortellini and choice of 3 desserts. Cost £30 per head. Pay on the night.


There is a 10% “early bird” discount  on accommodation rates if booked now they are keeping rooms for us until November 1st


Barrett, Sylvester (Clare)

Browne, Declan (Roscommon)

Carey, John (Tipperary) x

Carrol Frankie (Kildare) x

Claffey, Michael (Westmeath) x

Clarke, Raymond (Dublin) x#

Clear, Richard (Dublin) x

Coughlan, Donal (Dublin) x#

Costello, Francis (Dublin) x#

Costelloe, John (Kilkenny) x#

Coughlan, Anthony (Cork) x

Crossan, Conal (Mayo) x #

Cullen, Michael (Wexford)x

Delahunty, Peter (Dublin) x

Doody, Brian (Laois) x #

Doran, John (Dublin) x

Dwyer, Victor (Louth)

Fahy, Brendan (Louth)

Fenn, Timothy (Cork) x

Fitzsimons, Ross (Dublin) x

Fitzmaurice, John (Galway) x

Folan Ciaran x#

Flynn, Patrick (Cavan) x#

Gallagher, Liam (Cavan) x #

Gallagher John (Mayo) X

Greene, Gerard (Dublin) x

Grimes Eoin (Meath) x

Harkin, Kieran (Carlow) x

Herbert, Ciarán (Dublin) x

Hickey, Eamonn (Dublin)x

Horan, Donal (Kerry) x

Howard Connor x

Hoey James (Dublin) x#

Kehoe, Michael (Tipperary) x

Kelleher, Joseph (Kerry) x#

Keena Pat (Carlow) x#

Kierans, Mark (Louth) x

Kirwan, Gearóid (Galway) x

Lanigan, Richard (London) x#

Mangan, John (Galway) x #

Meyler John (Wexford) x

Moran, Ogie (Kerry) x

Moran, Gerard (Tipperary) x

Mulligan, Brian (Louth) x

Mulvin, Patrick (Offaly) x

Murray, Andrew (Dublin) x

McAndrew, James (Mayo) x

McCutcheon, Christopher (Cavan) x

McGahern, Dermot (Longford) x

McGann, Art (Dublin) x #

McGettigan, Paul (Donegal) x

McGovern, Barry (Dublin)

McMullin, Michael (Donegal) x

McNamara, Kevin (Clare)

Newcomer, Kevin (Dublin) x#

Nolan, Thomas (Donegal)

O’Brien, Laurence (Meath) x#

O’Callaghan, Enda (Donegal)

O’Connell, Donal (Kerry) x

O’Connor, John (Leitrim) x

O’Donoghue, John (Mayo) x 

O Donoghue Martin (Dublin) x

O’Dwyer, Peter (Dublin) x

O’Farrell, Brian (Dublin) x#

O’Meara, Paul (Clare) x

O Murchadha Ruairi x #

O’Neill, John (Louth) x#

O Reily Brendan Louth) x

O’Sullivan, Pádraig (Kerry)

O Shea Dan (Meath) x

Rackard Bobby ( Wexford) x#

Reynolds, Christopher (Meath) x

Ronayne Colm (Dublin) x

Scallan, Gerard (Mayo)

Scanlan, Evan (Cavan) x

Jimmy Scanlon x

Shannon, Gerard (Leitrim) x

Sheehan, Niall (Dublin)x

Tunney, Cathal (Donegal) x

Veale Peter (Cavan) x

Vaughan, Thomas (Galway)

Warren, John (Cork) x#

Whyte, John B. (Meath)x

Wickham, Joseph (Dublin)

Woods, Kevin (Louth) x

Walsh, Aidan  x

Young Tom (Cavan) x#


  20 Responses to “Get Together for class of 1974; November 7th in Dublin”

  1. I will attend and thank you for organising

  2. james hoey will attend

  3. Niall Sheehan plans to be there

  4. I like the pic of the plant and yourself Richie.
    It reminds of a story

    Two guys on a bus, sitting beside each other, never met before.

    One guy turns around and asks ‘ What do you do’
    ‘Im a postman’
    ‘You are what ? A postman !!! Jaysus that’s a very dangerous profession.’
    ‘What daya mean dangerous’ says the postman
    ‘Well all those dogs barking at you and snapping at your legs’

    ‘Don’t be silly’ says the postman, ‘what do you do yourself?’

    ‘Me!’ I’m a Lion tamer’
    You’re a what?’ says the postman ‘Sure what could be more dangerous’
    No its not
    oh yes it is
    no its not.

    ‘So tell me’ says the postman ‘ you’re in the cage on your own with the lion, what have you got to protect yourself if she takes a swipe at ye.’
    ‘Sure I’ve got the whip don’t I. Ill just slap the whip and shout get back.
    But what of the Lion grabs the whip?. What then?
    ‘I just grab one of the stools they sit on and push it in her face and Shout get back’
    ‘But what if she grabs the stool? What do you do then?’
    ‘Well then I’d wave my hands in the air and Shout Get Back’
    ‘But for crissake man what if the Lion ignores that and takes a lunge at ye?’ ‘Tell me what do you do then?’
    ‘Well then Id pick up a big lump of shit and throw it at the her’

    ‘And would there be shit?’


    Frank Costello will be there

  5. Donal Horan
    I want a refund for the book you sold me back in 1973 in Gormo “The French Art Of Sex Manners”. You told me if I studied it I was guaranteed to have a better sex life ( back then I did not know what that ment) (cause Fr Ronnie had not hacked into my underware)
    You conman you… It took me years to figure out that the advice in the book was pure shite and would never get me laid …. If I learned a few French Phrases to whisper into the girls ear at the right time ( like “shut up and keep pullin” in French with a French accent) then maybe things would have been better.
    So I want a refund… with inflation and interest I figure you owe me 437 euro…
    James Hoey

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  9. Thanks for finally writing about > Get Together for class of 1974; November 7th
    in Dublin < Liked it!

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