Sep 032015

x indicates people who have been contacted by e-mail, # means they are coming. If you are in contact with any of the lads from our year will you check they know.

19.00 meet in the bar at Wynns Hotel  Dublin to eat at 19.30

4 course menu choice of: Soup, Melon, Goats cheese salad for starter. Roast rib of beef, Supreme of chicken,  Poached salmon or Tortellini and choice of 3 desserts. Cost £30 per head. Pay on the night.


There is a 10% “early bird” discount  on accommodation rates if booked now they are keeping rooms for us until November 1st


Barrett, Sylvester (Clare)

Browne, Declan (Roscommon)

Carey, John (Tipperary) x

Carrol Frankie (Kildare) x

Claffey, Michael (Westmeath) x

Clarke, Raymond (Dublin) x#

Clear, Richard (Dublin) x

Coughlan, Donal (Dublin) x#

Costello, Francis (Dublin) x#

Costelloe, John (Kilkenny) x#

Coughlan, Anthony (Cork) x

Crossan, Conal (Mayo) x #

Cullen, Michael (Wexford)x

Delahunty, Peter (Dublin) x

Doody, Brian (Laois) x #

Doran, John (Dublin) x

Dwyer, Victor (Louth)

Fahy, Brendan (Louth)

Fenn, Timothy (Cork) x

Fitzsimons, Ross (Dublin) x

Fitzmaurice, John (Galway) x

Folan Ciaran x#

Flynn, Patrick (Cavan) x#

Gallagher, Liam (Cavan) x #

Gallagher John (Mayo) X

Greene, Gerard (Dublin) x

Grimes Eoin (Meath) x

Harkin, Kieran (Carlow) x

Herbert, Ciarán (Dublin) x

Hickey, Eamonn (Dublin)x

Horan, Donal (Kerry) x

Howard Connor x

Hoey James (Dublin) x#

Kehoe, Michael (Tipperary) x

Kelleher, Joseph (Kerry) x#

Keena Pat (Carlow) x#

Kierans, Mark (Louth) x

Kirwan, Gearóid (Galway) x

Lanigan, Richard (London) x#

Mangan, John (Galway) x #

Meyler John (Wexford) x

Moran, Ogie (Kerry) x

Moran, Gerard (Tipperary) x

Mulligan, Brian (Louth) x

Mulvin, Patrick (Offaly) x

Murray, Andrew (Dublin) x

McAndrew, James (Mayo) x

McCutcheon, Christopher (Cavan) x

McGahern, Dermot (Longford) x

McGann, Art (Dublin) x #

McGettigan, Paul (Donegal) x

McGovern, Barry (Dublin)

McMullin, Michael (Donegal) x

McNamara, Kevin (Clare)

Newcomer, Kevin (Dublin) x#

Nolan, Thomas (Donegal)

O’Brien, Laurence (Meath) x#

O’Callaghan, Enda (Donegal)

O’Connell, Donal (Kerry) x

O’Connor, John (Leitrim) x

O’Donoghue, John (Mayo) x 

O Donoghue Martin (Dublin) x

O’Dwyer, Peter (Dublin) x

O’Farrell, Brian (Dublin) x#

O’Meara, Paul (Clare) x

O Murchadha Ruairi x #

O’Neill, John (Louth) x#

O Reily Brendan Louth) x

O’Sullivan, Pádraig (Kerry)

O Shea Dan (Meath) x

Rackard Bobby ( Wexford) x#

Reynolds, Christopher (Meath) x

Ronayne Colm (Dublin) x

Scallan, Gerard (Mayo)

Scanlan, Evan (Cavan) x

Jimmy Scanlon x

Shannon, Gerard (Leitrim) x

Sheehan, Niall (Dublin)x

Tunney, Cathal (Donegal) x

Veale Peter (Cavan) x

Vaughan, Thomas (Galway)

Warren, John (Cork) x#

Whyte, John B. (Meath)x

Wickham, Joseph (Dublin)

Woods, Kevin (Louth) x

Walsh, Aidan  x

Young Tom (Cavan) x#